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The Best Day Trips in Victoria

We know planning a day trip out of Melbourne can be challenging. There are so many incredible places to visit from the Great Ocean Road in the south to the Grampians out west — how do you even begin to choose which day trip is the best day trip for you?

We’ve created these destination guides to help you get to know more about the places we believe are home to the very best day trips in Victoria. These are the awe-inspiring spots we never stop being excited to explore, and we can’t wait to explore them with you.

Whether you’re visiting Melbourne with only a day to spare, or a lifelong local seeking to escape the city, our hiking day trips out of Melbourne are a chance to immersed in nature and create some unforgettable memories.

Now, let’s explore the best Melbourne day trip destinations:

Phillip Island

Phillip Island is renowned for its penguins and seals, though it’s not only a paradise for animal lovers but for hikers and anyone who appreciates a bit of outdoor adventure. The view from Cape Woolamai is truly remarkable. Read more in our Phillip Island Day Trip Destination Guide.
The Pinnacles | Book a Phillip Island Day Trip with Hike & Seek

Mornington Peninsula

They call it Melbourne’s playground, and it’s not hard to see why — from the bushland to the beaches, and the idyllic natural hot springs. Read more in our Mornington Peninsula Day Trip Destination Guide.
Mornington Peninsula | Book a Mornington Peninsula Day Trip with Hike & Seek

Wilsons Prom

Conquer Mt Oberon for a breathtaking view of the southernmost tip of Victoria. Read more in our Wilsons Prom Day Trip Destination Guide.
Wilsons Prom | Book a Wilsons Prom Day Trip with Hike & Seek

The Grampians

Wilderness, wildlife, waterfalls, and rugged bushland beauty. A day trip to the Grampians lets you swap the hustle of the city for the tranquillity of the Victorian bush. Read more in our Grampians Day Trip Destination Guide.
The Grampians | Book a Grampians Day Trip with Hike & Seek

Great Ocean Road

One of the world’s greatest road-trips, made even greater when you make time to stop and explore. A Great Ocean Road day trip lets you experience the iconic 12 Apostles, the forest and waterfalls of the Otways, the history of Loch Ard Gorge, and a string of picturesque beach towns that dot the sensational southern coast of Victoria. Read more in our Great Ocean Road Day Trip Destination Guide.
Great Ocean Road | Book a Great Ocean Road Day Trip with Hike & Seek

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