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What Is The Grampians Famous For?

Known for its dramatic bushland as well as its rich history, the Grampians is bursting with as much culture as it is picturesque landscapes and outdoor adventure.

A haven of otherworldly natural beauty, the Grampians National Park, located about three hour’s drive north-west of Melbourne. It is an ideal destination for avid hikers and lovers of the outdoors.

Ascending triumphantly from Victoria’s western plains, the Grampians provides an opportunity to partake in a vast array of outdoor activities. These include hiking, camping, rock-climbing, and abseiling. A sprawling wilderness of walking trails and lookouts offer access to bushland, waterfalls, and spectacular views over the national park and beyond.

History of The Grampians / Gariwerd

Long before Europeans ever set foot on this landscape, it was Gariwerd to Aboriginal people. Djab Wurrung and the Jardwadjali are the traditional people of Gariwerd (the Grampians). It is a special place for Aboriginal people, not only because of its abundant environment providing water, food, and shelter, but it is also a spiritual place of dreaming stories and culture. Gariwerd contains 90 percent of the rock art sites in Victoria, according to Budja Budja Aboriginal Co-operative.

The name ‘The Grampians’ comes from European settler Major Thomas Mitchell who visited the region. summiting its highest peak, Mount Duwil (Mount William) in 1836. The name was inspired by a similarly rugged region in Mitchell’s homeland of Scotland.

Word of Mitchell’s visit to the region spread and soon it becomes a place of farming, mining, and timber production. The abundance of water became useful in keeping the surrounding farmland healthy.

Soon, the prolific landscapes and towering plateaus would speak directly to the imaginations of Australian writers, poets, painters and photographers such as Arthur Streeton and Eugene von Guerard.

It was not until 1984 that The Grampians became protected as a National Park.

The Pinnacle Lookout | Book a Grampians Day Trip with Hike & Seek

Four Great Reasons to Visit The Grampians

1. Wilderness & Wildlife

With 975-plus species of native plants and over 75 species of orchids, the Grampians is responsible for one-third of the combined flora in Victoria. With many species unique to the region, when you visit the National Park it’s a chance for discovery. Here you can gain a deeper appreciation of Australian native plants and wildlife.

2. The Pinnacle Lookout

A great way to explore the bushland is on one of the many hiking trails. One of the primary attraction you’ll find in the Grampians is the Pinnacle lookout. After climbing boulders and trekking through bushland you’ll be rewarded with expansive views across the region.

While revelling in the adventure of tackling a hike, be sure to look out for native animals like koalas and echidnas on the walking tracks to the Pinnacle. Throughout your hike up to the Pinnacle lookout, challenge blends seamlessly with the beauty and tranquillity of the surrounding bushland. Once you’ve arrived at the lookout you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of Halls Gap and the Grampian’s marvellous peaks.

3. Boroka Lookout

Elsewhere in the Grampians National Park is another magnificent lookout known as Boroka Lookout.  Located about 15km from Halls Gap, this vantage point is easy to access via sealed roads and a short walk from the car park to the viewing platform. Boroka Lookout offers unbeatable views of the Wonderland Range, Mount William, and Lake Bellfield.

4. Mackenzie Falls

The views from the Grampians lookouts are not all there is to feast your eyes upon in this rugged region. As one of the largest waterfalls in Victoria, Mackenzie Falls flow freely all through the year making them an essential part of your Grampians day trip itinerary. To get to Mackenzie Falls it’s a couple of kilometre hike in on a bush track. Once you arrive you’ll witness the gushing waterfall cascading over the rocks and into a deep pool… and you’ll be glad you made the journey!

Book a Day Trip to The Grampians

Let us take care of the details as you sit back and relax as we head west to explore the rugged mountain landscape of The Grampians National Park.

Our Grampians day trip itinerary includes guided hikes to spectacular views from both the Pinnacle and Boroka lookouts as well as the sensational Mackenzie Falls. We’ve also got you sorted with great coffee, lunch, and snacks throughout the day.

Ready for an unforgettable day immersed in some of the most awe-inspiring wilderness Victoria has to offer?

Book our Grampians Day Trip.

The Grampians | Book a Grampians Day Trip with Hike & Seek

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