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Wilsons Prom

Wilsons Promontory often referred to as Wilsons Prom or simply ‘the Prom’, has stunning scenery. It encompasses just about every type of natural environment you might hope to see on the coast of Australia — from forested bushland to pristine beaches, granite mountains to coastal coves.

Wilsons Promontory, Wilsons Prom, or the Prom — whatever you choose to call it — is a peninsula. It extends into the Bass Strait at the southernmost tip of Victoria. It is a popular destination for both locals and visitors thanks to its sensational wildlife and wilderness. Its mountainous terrain along a breathtaking coastline makes it one of the most sought-after getaways in all of Victoria.

How to get to Wilsons Prom

Located a couple of hundred kilometers from the center of Melbourne, it’s worth leaving early for a day trip to Wilsons Prom. There’s plenty to do on a day trip: you can climb to a mountain summit for sweeping ocean views, walk on the white sand of Squeaky Beach, and explore the rainforests. Whether you want to hike or relax, you’re sure to find just the fix at Wilsons Promontory.

Wilsons Prom Wilderness & Wildlife

The environment of Wilsons Promontory is incredibly diverse and its wildlife abundant. Forest, bushland, sandy beaches, sheltered coves, heathlands, swamp, and coastal dunes make up different parts of the region, making it an ideal home to a wide variety of wildlife.

Many rare and interesting plants also grow in the region. This natural habitat makes Wilsons Prom a great destination for birdwatchers and animal lovers.

Wilsons Prom | Book a Wilsons Prom Day Trip with Hike & Seek

Some of the animals you may encounter when visiting include echidnas, possums, gliders, kangaroos, koalas, emus, and wombats. Wilsons Prom is also a great place for bird-watching. Coastal birds can be seen on its beaches while forest-dwelling birds are found in the areas of temperate rainforest.

One of the more unusual natural attractions of Wilsons Prom is Squeaky Beach. This beach gets its name from the soft squeaks you’ll hear underfoot as you walk on across the sand. This sound comes from the fine grains of quartz rubbing together.

Hiking Wilsons Prom

One of the best ways to explore the summits, beaches, and forests of Wilsons Promontory is on foot. Taking to one of the many hiking trails will allow you to experience the very best of Wilsons Prom up close. You can get your blood pumping on a mountain walking track and then relax on the beach.

Hiking trails can be found all over Wilsons Prom, some of them easy walks and others more challenging climbs, all with amazing views of the scenery. One of the well worthwhile Wilsons Prom hikes is to the summit of Mount Oberon. If you’ve ever looked up photographs of Wilsons Prom, it’s likely you’ve come across the view from Mt Oberon.

The hike up Mt Oberon has its steep sections, but the view from the top is a remarkable reward. The summit looks out over a stretch of coast where land and sea meet. This gives you a 360-degree view of the southernmost tip of Victoria. You’ll be able to see some of the bays from your vantage point, and a few of the outlying islands too.

Wilsons Prom | Book a Wilsons Prom Day Trip with Hike & Seek

Book a Wilsons Prom Day Trip

This is a must-see destination for anyone spending time in Melbourne. A day trip to Wilsons Prom allows you to leave the city behind and be immersed in coastal wilderness.

We’ve created an itinerary full of all the good stuff: leaving Melbourne early, we head south where our guided hikes take you on a journey along the iconic beaches and through the dense rainforest to experience the best of the region. And because we know how to road-trip and refuel in style, we’ve got you sorted with excellent coffee and a delicious lunch too!

Ready for a day out of Melbourne like no other? Join our Wilsons Prom Day Trip.

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