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5 Wilsons Prom Walks To Try

Wilsons Prom walks are where it’s at if you’re after a vitamin sea inspired nature fix.

At just a few hours drive from Melbourne, Wilsons Prom makes for a great day trip out of the city. And today we’re revealing our favourite Wilsons Prom walks.

These short Wilsons Prom walks are the best way to beat the crowds and experience the Prom in all of its natural glory. With walking tracks that wind through bushland, along the beaches, and up summits, this coastal paradise is a hikers dream.



The walk with the iconic view:
Mt Oberon Summit


This track is 6.8km return. It is a moderate and steady climb on a clearly marked track up to the summit. You’ll walk among tall trees and lush ferns, and once you reach the summit you’ll be treated to panoramic views over Tidal River and the ocean.


This is the Wilsons Prom view you don’t want to miss. If you only do one Wilsons Prom walk, make it this one.






The walk with the wildlife:
Prom Wildlife Walk


At just 2.3km return, this short, easy walk is a great introduction to Wilsons Prom and its wildlife.


This is the perfect Wilsons Prom walk if you’re keen to catch a glimpse of native Australian animals. Think kangaroos, emus, and wombats. They’re all just hanging out loving Wilsons Prom as much as you. So if you’re up for meeting some of the cutest Wilsons Prom locals, this is the walk for you.






The walk to a hidden gem:
Sealers Cove


Want to stick around a little longer? This almost 10km hike takes you to the picturesque Sealers Cove. Named after the sealing industry it was home to in its colonial industrial past circa the early 1800s.


Today, Sealers Cove is known as a pretty hiking haven for coastal escape. If you hike to Sealers Cove return you’ll be looking at an almost 20km walk. Be sure to slip, slop, slap, take plenty of water, and ensure you leave yourself enough daylight hours to get back to where you started.

If you do decide to camp at Sealers Cove, don’t forget to book your stay through Parks Victoria.

This is a fantastic walk to really get away from it all. No roads lead to Sealers Cove, so unless you have a boat handy, walking in is the only way to access this Wilsons Prom gem.






The walk that’s a coastal classic:
Tidal River to Squeaky Beach via Pillar Point


For ultimate beach vibes, this walk is where it’s at. Tell anyone you’re visiting Wilsons Prom and they’ll surely recommend you check out Squeaky Beach. This unique beach with its rounded quartz sands literally squeaks as you walk across it.


The best way to get to Squeaky Beach is on foot, and the coastal walk from Tidal River is a meditative experience with fresh sea air, lapping waves, and ocean views as far as the eye can see. A stop off at Pillar Point is well worthwhile. From Pillar Point you can take in the view across Squeaky Beach and out to the islands off the coast of Wilsons Prom.






The walk across sprawling sand dunes:
The Big Drift


The Big Drift is a sprawling expanse of sand dunes located on the edge of Wilsons Promontory National Park. At the Big Drift you’ll find a moderate 2km walk that begins at Stockyard campsite. You’ll note signposts, but should take care to keep your bearings if you head off to explore the dunes — footprints don’t last long on sand, particularly when the wind is blowing!


Something unique about this Wilsons Prom short walk is that despite all of the sand, there is no beach access from the Big Drift. These are inland sand dunes. What you will find, however, is an impressive natural landscape of rippled sand. Its location on the outskirts of the park make the Big Drift a great place to either start or end your day at Wilsons Prom. If you happen upon the dunes at golden hour, you’ll enjoy an especially magic moment on your Wilsons Prom day trip.



Come explore some great Wilsons Prom walks with us. On our Wilsons Prom Day Tour you’ll experience both the Mt Oberon Summit walk as well as the Tidal River to Squeaky Beach via Pillar Point walk.

Book your spot on our Wilsons Prom Day Tour, departing Melbourne.

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